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Processing & quality:

Taybat is committed to the supply of the highest quality herbs, seeds and spices. The main act we follow at Taybat is (Plan, Do, Check, ACT) .


Delivering on time is our main objective in Taybat.
To fulfill our commitment , our team starts planning from the farm to assure the raw material quality. Then planning of the processing in our factory.
Our farm and growers network ensure the fulfillment of our plans.


Taybat team members have a long experience in the herbs and spices field in Egypt which extends to more than 16 years.

(Fit the purpose) is the target of Taybat team all over the processing flow chart, purposes include that of customers, safety, quality standards & Taybat company.

Taybat processing methodology is clearly shown in sizing of the product as per customer specification & separation of impurities from the product by either weight, length or volume using sifters, indented cylinders, gravity table and metal detector.


Several checkpoints are present all over the process flow chart from receival of raw material till the release of final product to assure Taybat quality target "Fit the purpose".

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